★ How much does a Custom Scenic Megatrack build really cost? Do you have payment terms?

Megatracks start at $75,000 and are priced based on size, complexity, and scenic elements. We require a 50 percent deposit of the estimate, with the balance due in monthly progress payments. Track must be paid in full prior to delivery and installation.

★ I am not financially ready for a huge Scenic Megatrack. Do you have something smaller, a base model that's a bit less expensive?

Yes. Our 6' x 12' Standard Scenic Raceway is our “base” offering at $50,000. Each track is custom made to order and has a 3-4 month build time. If you’re looking for a pure, ready-to-go racing experience, our 4' x 8' flat-pack Origins Series raceways might be just the ticket.

★ Do you need/want to look at the space I have picked out?

In most cases, measurements and photos of the space, the access, where the track will be located, will suffice. Site visits require an additional fee of $750 plus travel and accommodations.

★ Can I get any design I can think up, or can you make a scaled version of a real track like Monza or Daytona?

Our Megatracks are built to 1/32 scale including the cars, scenery, structures, signage, etc. They can be designed to accommodate both 1/32 and 1/24 scale cars on request. We can build you a dream track or replicate a real world track. Due to space limitations, scale versions of real world tracks are built to the “spirit” rather than being a perfect replica. However, if you must have a true scale version of a famous circuit, we’d be more than happy to build it!

★ What does each custom build come with?

Each Megatrack comes standard with routed, hand-painted and detailed wooden track surfaces (white lines, apex markers, etc.), period-correct grandstands, structures, signs and advertising banners, aluminum Armco railing, hand-carved and painted landscaping, shrubs and trees, lap timing system and PC tablet, slot car controllers, variable power supply, LED base lighting and six slot cars. External LCD monitors are available at an additional cost.

★ Do you really use ALUMINUM to make your Armco railing? Seriously?

Seriously. It's aluminum, not plastic.

★ Are these analog or digital tracks? I like digital lane changing. Can I get a track that’s digital?

We offer only analog systems at this time. No digital lane changing. Our tracks are the very latest in dependable, analog technology.

★ How much power does it require, and do I have to set it up, or will you install it?

Custom Megatracks run on standard 110v as used in homes throughout the USA, and we handle installation.

★ What if something breaks, doesn’t work or stops working, or if the track needs repair after I take ownership?

In the event the track becomes inoperable, contact us for troubleshooting information. Power supply and controllers are guaranteed for up to one year from installation date. If the track and scenery need general repair, we will provide Megatrack owners a separate estimate for refurbishment and repair services.

★ Can I have tablet computer controllers and POV-in-car cameras like you did for the Audi track?

Yes, this option is available. Contact us for pricing.

★ I have kids. Will they be able to race with me on the track?

Absolutely! That’s one of the main reason we build these — for families to enjoy! Our tracks come standard with variable power supplies, which allow you to reduce the power to the cars on the lanes so younger drivers can control them more easily. Adult supervision recommended for children under 5 years of age.

★ What if I need a track fast for a special event?

Tracks can and have been built to meet event dates within a short amount of time. Different pricing would apply.

★ I like speed. I'm not really into scenery. Can you build me a track like we had at our local club?

Yes, we can and have built tracks solely for speed. See our Club & Woody Series pages for more information.

★ Can you make a scale slot car version of my classic car?

Hopefully in the future we can make this kind of service available. However, we do not offer custom-made slot cars at this time.

★ We’re an advertising agency that would like to build a branded track for a client…

We work well with agencies. We can design, build, brand and set up the track to satisfy the needs of your client.

★ We’re a not-for-profit organization and would like to use a track…

We do offer track rentals when they’re available. Contact us to discuss your needs.

What is the process from the time we agree on a build to the time the megatrack is delivered?

Before we start designing your raceway, we establish a budget based on your dream track. Next we talk with you in great detail about the location and space you have for the track, installation access, track layout, design, scenic elements, and era of racing you prefer. We then work with you in designing a track. An initial deposit is required to begin the design phase. Average initial design time is 3-4 weeks.

Upon your approval of the design, build time can average 3-5 months. Once the build is complete, we will install the track at your location. Installation fees are not included in the estimated cost of the track.


I founded Slot Mods in 2008 with the goal of creating the finest, hand-crafted, model raceways the world has ever seen. Period."

We are not a factory and we're not for everyone. We are a team of award-winning artists, visionaries, creators, doers, and engineers dedicated to providing each discriminating client with the most exquisite scale model raceway that money can buy. Thousands of skilled man hours are poured into each and every racetrack. If you desire the best, you have come to the right place.


David Beattie -Founder, Slot Mods USA

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