"There's only one word that can describe my Zak Brown Raceway... SPECTACULAR!"

Zak Brown // Executive Director, McLaren Technology Group


"Beattie is a true artist who understands the importance of accuracy when creating scale models of iconic tracks."
Jim Farley - V.P. of Global Marketing, Ford Motor Co.

"This is slot racing at its best! Combining the fun of slot car racing with the great tracks and history of the sport."
Derek Hill - Race Driver & amp; son of legendary Phil Hill

"The Slot Mods Pebble Beach Raceway provides the most extraordinary experience for any vintage enthusiast. David Beattie's art is unique and unparalleled."
Morgan Carter - Vice President, Gooding & Company

"This is, for lack of a better word, awesome! Imagine the slot car racetracks from your childhood... on steroids!
Custom made, very realistically painted and detailed, and extremely fun!"
John Wright -LAcar.com

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